Powder House Designs is a portfolio site I built to showcase the work of me, Aife Dunne. Because its purpose is explicitly for review by potential or, soon to be, employers I naturally went all out on the design, images, and code that make up this site. As such, it is only available in desktop resolutions above 1000px, which appears to be greater than your current device. To access the site successfully use either a desktop or laptop and try visiting again!
Colorado Springs, CO
Specializing in software development, art production, web design, and technology solutions of the highest quality.
Bermuda Dunes
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Bermuda Dunes
Custom PHP theme powered by CMS software and jQuery. Front page features a complete background slider and highly stylized compact menu/page structure for peak visual effect. Fully adjustable individual and portal pages, CSS entries, and side menus. Multiple sections of aeronautics content researched and compiled exclusively by Powder House for client. Graphics created for BDA include: background images, side menu icons, satellite imagery, and overhead airport photography. Bermuda Dunes is a private facility in California known for servicing corporate jets.

* jQuery/GIF Animated Approach & Departure Vectors
* Dynamic Aircraft Taxi Map
* Real time Weather Conditions
* Full Background Slider
* Personalized Side Menus
* Overhauled Company Logo
* E-Mail/Google Maps Integration
* Content Building
Scully's Art Supply
Query driven PHP theme and product catalogue. Utilizes multiple plug-ins programmed by Powder House to display the highest concentration of picture media possible. Home page consists of interactive animated tiles developed to quickly direct customers to products and reduce search queries. Artistic site theme emphasizing paint and creative pursuits with opaque transparencies containing content without minimizing background visibility. Product catalogue is sortable by multiple categories and criteria. Scully's Art and Office is the sole business of its kind in the Vail Valley.

* PHP/jQuery Tile Navigation System
* Art/Office Dynamic Product Gallery & Slideshow
* Full Page Project Slider
* eCommerce Catalogue
* Product Sorting
* Announcement Feed
* Custom Header Structure
Smart Locations
Front-end for the Smart Locations real estate platform. Built to integrate seamlessly within the Smart Locations framework and instantly push new content from property owners to users. Pages are a combination of modular components and PHP templating designed to eliminate system-wide redundancy. JS/AJAX enabled search, CSS3 animations, intuitive infographic displays to aid users in search. Site navigation is stripped down to quickly deliver interested parties to content as quickly as possible. Registration is similarly simplified to better facilitate user engagement/adoption of the Smart Locations platform. Visual design is minimalistic and focused on user content.

* Fully editable User/Realtor/Home Owner Profiles
* Virtual Home/Property Tours
* Multi-Criteria Property Search
* User Email System
Amy's Donuts
Wordpress based PHP theme developed for Amy's Donuts of Colorado Springs, CO. Front page features a full background image slider and site navigation/content is kept basic to draw maximum focus to the carousal of images that rotate through every 8-9 seconds. Site aesthetics are a combination of bright and friendly to better reinforce the clients brand. Logo and images created by Powder House Designs specifically for use by Amys Donuts. Store menu features regular, limited-run, and seasonal products which may be conveniently edited using Wordpress' built-in post functionality. Site/Web Space was designed specifically to make it easy for employees or owners to manage their site with minimal technical knowledge.

* Fully Responsive/Fluid
* Full Page Slider
* Custom Logo
* jQuery/JS Animations
Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association
Specialized site and PHP backend framework developed by request from the OIGA. Site features a PHP powered newsfeed, jQuery/CSS3 animations, and fully original site graphics. Site backend contains a user authentication system, user dashboard, and content editor. Site aesthetic is elegant/sleek to invoke the prosperity and professionalism of the client. Content was selected to represent the storied cultural roots of the OIGA and also to emphasize its important role within the casino industry. Planned additions include: slide-out side-bar allowing users to tailor content specifically to their interests, convention scheduling/management system with integrated site alerts, user/community generated content, and moderation system.

* Content Editor
* Site Newsfeed
* Rollover Effects
Joe's Liquors
Minimalist CMS based PHP theme with heavy modifications to boost performance and compatibility. Scans for screen size and mobile browser ID signatures to maintain correct resolution at all times. Capable of redirecting mobile users to interconnected subpages and tracking user preferences. Content and graphics designed in accordance of cooperatively developed marketing strategy emphasizing local products and geographic location. Product catalogue contains both domestic and region specific microbrews, spirits, and seasonal items. Joe's Liquors is located directly adjacent to the Beaver Creek ski resort.

* Fully Responsive/Fluid
* Dedicated Cookies Enabled Mobile Website
* Mobile Optimized Desktop Mode
* Mobile Device Detection/Redirects
*SEO Optimization
* E-Mail/Google Maps Integration
System Overflow
Front-end developed for System Overflow to sit on top of the larger backend utilized to facilitate user interaction without interfering with multiple project components being actively coded. Designed to showcase current and future projects for perusal by interested parties. Two tiered page navigation employing both traditional site layout nav bar and jQuery powered multi-page carousal. Multiple integrations of web application tools and underlaying systems feeding into content specific areas. Visual theme is high tech and cleanly styled to represent a more corporate approach.

* Full Page/Content Slider
* Dynamic jQuery Enabled Content
* Backend Integration
* Site Graphics
* Logo Design
* Site Content
Rest Easy
Web platform concept created in-house for use by realtors and interested home owners concerned about their safety when meeting with clients/property owners with no prior knowledge of these individuals. Concept progressed past initial planning phases before being shelved in favor of other business ventures. Planned functionality included both a mobile application and a subsequent web platform, features to allow users to quietly/covertly relay a message for help to family members or emergency services, GPS enabled tracking system to allow instant data forwarding so the individual could be located immediately in situations of distress. Payment model was to be monthly and enterprise level licensing to allow large organizations to insure all of their employees and their safety.
Collection of earlier website demos submitted to businesses but not adopted or developed further. Displays various visual design ideas and site layouts. Proposed features ranged from Facebook feed displays to e-commerce platforms. Visual graphics were also created for use in these presentations and additional assets where utilized to add flair/attract customer interest.